Our mission is to save
you time and hassle by rigorously assessing our candidates 

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Our mission is to save you time and hassle by rigorously assessing our candidates before they step through your door. From the moment we begin qualifying a candidate, we’re identifying their soft and hard skills, capabilities, culture-fit, development needs, ambitions and motivations. We provide a comprehensive, no-nonsense diagnostic on each professional so that you have the critical information you need to determine whether they are the right fit for you. Our standard process includes: 



We're on first-name terms with leading lights in executive leadership.

We’re on first-name terms with the leading lights in executive leadership. But unlike most recruitment firms, we value quality over quantity. We develop strong, personable relationships with every candidate and evaluate their personal development and professional successes in real-time. When we reach out to a top performer within our network, we already know they’re Nexus Search a possible fit. Then, we act as your brand advocate: showing them why they’re right for you and how delivering results for your organisation strengthens their career story. 

Working in this way means we spend more time exploring the meaning and value of an opportunity with our clients and candidates than we do trawling databases or relying on impersonal algorithms to return CVs. While our approach is rigorous and methodical, where we really add value is in assessing the intangibles – the aspirations, motivations and personalities of our clients and candidates, bringing the best matches together. 


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