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Why partner with Nexus?

Life-changing opportunities

By getting to know the real you, we can connect you with a role that furthers your professional goals and reflects your personality. We then present your personal brand to our clients, and show them exactly why you’re the best in the market.

High levels of satisfaction

No wasting your time with irrelevant roles. No disappointing you with less-than-perfect offers. We peer review all opportunities before discussing them with you, to ensure they genuinely represent an exciting next step along your career path.

Integrity and transparency

We know the importance of discretion. So we’ll always act in the interests of your career and reputation. We also recognise the time and energy you invest into the process, and that deserves respect. We’ll keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.

Nexus Networking

People at the top of their game should know others at the top of theirs. Like-minded individuals in your sector have a wealth of knowledge to share. That’s why we don’t just connect candidates with clients – we connect candidates with each other.

What to expect

We’re looking for exceptional people – those capable of driving change and leaving a lasting impact on every organisation they’re a part of. Our talent pool is diverse, with leaders from all backgrounds and corners of the world. But they have one thing in common: they’re high-performing individuals who are looking to create real value. If that’s you, then we’ll work tirelessly to connect you to the place where you’ll flourish.


Brett Gilman

SVP of Supply Chain
Grammer AG

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Nexus on a placement opportunity. Simply stated— They are outstanding at managing the recruitment process. They have a large technical toolbox at their disposal and demonstrate excellent communication skills, the strongest advisory capabilities, look to understand the fundamental needs of both of their clients and candidates, and take a long-range approach in finding a perfect and sustainable fit for all involved.”

Dr. Filippos Siakavaras

Executive Director of Automotive
Meraxis Group

“Nexus has been always very supportive on a higher than expected level. They can be trusted to handle all recruitment topics in a highly professional and very confidential manner in both for my own search, as well as for searches within my responsibilities. I would highly recommend them as a recruitment partner!”

Andreas Konzack

General Manager – China

“Nexus was offering a prestigious position and was very professional to me as a candidate. They treated me like a friend and we learned to respect and appreciate each other during the long process. It was a pleasure to work with Nexus and I wish them all the best in their future. Thank you.”

Nuno Marques

Hitachi Automotive Systems

I recently had the pleasure of being in a process managed by Nexus Search. It was an amazing experience, they not only identified the match between my profile and the company’s requirements, but followed the complete process, supporting me in every step of way. As a candidate I felt confident in the process, this was mainly caused by the confidence inspired by all the support provided by Nexus.”

Farid Tahraoui

Highly Marelli

I had the chance to be contacted by Nexus for a job opportunity.  During the entire recruitment process they was always available to support and answer questions. I felt they always understood the stakes of the role as well as my skills complying with the role. Nexus speaks frankly, shares ideas and followed my case in a very professional way. I am proud to share this success with them! Thank you Nexus!

Line Engels

Key Account Manager – Bel Flavours

Nexus are an amazing recruitment partner. Very knowledgeable about the positions presented, asked the right questions, followed up throughout the whole process. The communication skills and professionalism are what should be followed in the industry. I highly recommend Nexus.”

Heinz Freis

Global Quality Director

“It was fantastic to work together with Nexus, as an experienced and knowledgeable recruitment partner in the automotive industry. Their service and support were brilliant at every stage of the process. They were responsive, personable and kept me informed about every step. I would always recommend Nexus to anyone looking for a career move.”

Thorsten Stein

BU Controlling Director

“I have been working with Nexus on several occasions and always appreciated their detailed knowledge on the subject given. They have been a great partner to me in my career both personally and professionally and their support and follow up throughout the recruitment process was first class.”

Zdeněk Franče


“Last but not the least I want to thank you for your help! I remember one of our first calls right after I decided to resign in Mahle, continuing with further discussions while being assigned to a global project in Catalonia and finishing the process with KION while travelling across South America. I must emphasize that the same way I was enjoying the whole process of searching and finding an appropriate placement for me with you, I am now enjoying working with Michal in KION. Which is only possible thanks to the way you do your job, because it was not just finding an assignment but finding a right one!”

Ursula Harris-Johnson


“Nexus is an excellent recruitment company. Found me the job of my dreams, kept me informed of every step of the interviewing process, offered coaching for interviewing process, and negotiated for all the items I asked for in the new role. They are great. They definitely done their research to make sure you are fully prepared for the interviews. They got me more than I expected. Best recruitment company I have ever worked with. They did all the heavy lifting for me. Kudos 👍👍👍👍 Highly recommend them for your recruiting needs.”

Martina Delaunois-Stojanovic


Nexus is the best recruitment company I have dealt with. Incredibly talented, never missed a follow-up call, and a genuine pleasure to work with. An absolute credit to the profession! Thank you for all the effort, Nexus!

Jasmin Mahic

Import Manager – Henry Lambertz

“Nexus are very professional; they were able to give me the necessary information to best prepare me for the 2 interviews I had with my new employer. They managed to arouse my curiosity when initially I was not looking for a new job.

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